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  1. The "Fido! Friend or Foe?" Activity Book (cover page)
  2. DO's and DON'Ts of Dog Safety (safety list)
  3. All pets should visit a veterinarian (coloring page)
  4. Stay calm around dogs (dot to dot)
  5. Never tease or chase a dog (coloring page)
  6. It is not cool to pull a puppy's ears or tail (coloring page)
  7. Be kind to all pets (coloring page)
  8. Remember: When meeting a new dog always let the dog come to you and smell you first (dot to dot)
  9. Never try to take away a dog's toy (coloring page)
  10. Remember: Always ask the owner's permission before petting a dog (coloring page)
  11. Never reach through a fence to pet a dog (coloring page)
  12. Never leave a baby alone with a dog (coloring page)
  13. Always use a leash when you walk your dog (coloring page)
  14. Remember: Never try to help a dog that is hurt. Get an adult to help the dog (match game)
  15. Be careful around a mother dog. She loves her puppies (coloring page)
  16. Not every dog that wags its tail is friendly (coloring page)
  17. Remember: Always approach a dog slowly and carefully (what's different game)
  18. When a dog you don't know comes close, be very still! Stand like a tree! Be like a rock! (coloring page)
  19. Remember: Never make loud noises around dogs (counting game)
  20. Remember: Never put your face close to a dog. (which playful pup would you choose?)
  21. Never put your hand between two dogs (coloring page)
  22. Remember: Always know where dogs live in your neighborhood (maze)
  23. Remember: Never take a toy away from a dog (find the bones)
  24. Never wake a sleeping dog (coloring page)
  25. Never bother a dog when it is eating (coloring page)
  26. Tell all your friends what you have learned about dog safety! (coloring page)
  27. Credits and Notes to Parents (information page)
  28. Back of Book



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